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Our Awesome Story

Askgenii is the brainchild of Mr. Manish Kumar & Mr. Viral K. Doshi. When they were themselves in the nascent stage of their business, they felt the pressing need for genuine expert advice at every step of their pursuit and thus realized the significance of expert advice even more. Be it legal consultation, financial know-how, or other significant matters, they found seeking unbiased expert advisory free of manipulations or hidden biases to be one herculean task on its own. Even after visiting several experts individually and paying them hefty fees, they could not get genuine transparent advice from most of them. Exhausted and tired, the conclusion they derived was ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth and too many ideas paralyze the growth’, and finally the conceptualization of Askgenii happened. Askgenii is a centralized go-to platform to seek answers to almost all your questions.

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We strive to be every indian's one-stop expert advice partner

To become india's largest advisory network in the long run with more than 5 lakh registered experts.
To provide 100% service reliability to its users.
To provide a High Level of Customer Satisfaction at affordable rates.
To maintain the data security and safety of the users.

Our first site is already programmed and launched. Yay! We are so excited for this new journey and thrilled to be with you all.

What We Are Offering

We've covered a wide range of topics for you. It doesn't matter what you're looking for; we've got it. Additionally, here at Askgenii, we have been successful in getting on board some of the best subject matter experts from across the spectrum to assist you at every level of your decision-making process. Believe us when we say that your willingness to make the best choices brings us joy.

We Are Always Around

When we humans are on the verge of making several important decisions in our lives, our minds tend to get bogged down with new queries every other minute and thus Askgenii decided to be your confidant 24/7. We offer you round-the-clock customer support at an affordable flat price and are more than happy to help you when you need us the most.

Customer Satisfaction And Feedback

For Askgenii, its customers are the ultimate masters, and thus our motto is ' your wish is our command '. One of our most significant core metrics is customer satisfaction and we actively aim for it. Also, your testimonials mean the world to us. On one hand where your positive feedbacks motivate us to expand more, your suggestions on the other hand act as a guiding light for us to strive to shine brighter.

Customer Support

Also feel free to get in touch with our Askgenii customer assistance team in case of any queries before, whilst or after accessing our team of experts for a seamless user experience. So if you are feeling stuck while struggling to figure out which path to choose or in which direction to go while making any important decision at the moment, think no more and just ask our domain experts to get the best possible solutions. Connect now!!!

Our Team

Meet The Faces Behind Askgenii.

Manish Kumar, India

Founder ( MBA )

Viral K. Doshi, USA

Co-Founder ( B.Tech )

Dr. Girish Sapra, India

Co-Founder(COO) ( Ph.D , M.Tech )

Ravi Raizada, India

Chief Marketing Officer ( MBA - IIM )

Ami Seth, USA

Board Member

Veerendra Singh, India

Board Member ( B.Tech )

How The Askgenii System Works

Oh so simple! Have a question/doubt? Connect with our experts, share your query, and get it addressed. Tada! Happy decision making.

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