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The sole vision of Askgenii Student Program is to empower students by bringing the various categories of top performing Students onboard and connecting them with the students who are struggling to get genuine guidance and quality class notes or study materials from anywhere around. Also, this is a modest attempt by Askgenii to give back to society by rewarding the students who decide to come and help the students who are in need of guidance/support. This way students on both the sides i.e. Seniors/Mentors & Juniors/Mentees are involved in a win-win relationship.

Benefits for Junior Students:

Pay Less, Save More & Get

  • Well prepared notes & study material from senior students at attractive prices
  • Counseling from toppers for school or college selection & admission
  • Counseling from the toppers about which subject streams to choose, which coaching institutes to join etc.
  • Course Assignment & Project help and guidance from toppers
  • Tuition classes or doubt clearing sessions from topper students
  • Admission help from senior students

Benefits for Senior Students:

Share knowledge & Earn Money

  • Offer notes & study material to students in need of economical options
  • Help Junior Students with Course Assignments and Projects
  • Offer tuition classes or doubt clearing sessions as per your time schedule
  • Offer academic counseling and advice to junior students
  • Offer admission help to junior students

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